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Whether your golf vision is a private indoor golf oasis in your home, the coveted ultimate man-cave, or a simple practice space for winter golf in your garage – InHome Golf will help you design and build your golf dream.

There are many Golf ‘Simulator’ companies out there and most will try to fit you into their cookie cutter layouts. InHome Golf allows you to design and build the indoor golf room that you actually want and we’ll supply as much or as few of the components as necessary for you. No restrictions!

This means you can supply your own projector, retrofit an older simulator, incorporate a home theatre or add a putting green. It’s your space and your design!

You’ll also need a launch monitor…. You’ll find various price points and options to suit your needs and because we’re not affiliated with any of them we can offer you unbiased opinions and honest recommendations! You can even demo some of the top brands at our showroom in Mississauga, Ontario.

Don’t start your research without checking with the experts at InHome Golf! Click the button below and lets chat. No pressure, no sales-talk, just golf simulator facts. Want to know what we think is the best home golf simulator on the market? Give us a call.

Explore the website for golf studio design drawings, options and gallery’s of previous work.  We can also quote you on the best prices for golf simulators, launch monitors and products out there to help save you time when researching for your project!

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Our projects

Projects we are proud of
When you work with InHome Golf your options are limited only by your imagination (ok…and by budget…).

We use all the best products and installation components to ensure that your indoor golf studio not only looks amazing but performs amazing

Here are some examples of recent projects.

Rymar Turf Showroom

The goal here is to showcase the potential for golf simulator installations. Rymar produces the top quality turf in the business.

Custom Home Studio

The Client here wanted a top of the line simulator with all of the analysis tools you would find at high end golf club or professional teaching studio.

Warehouse Transformation

Installed in a retail warehouse this InHome Golf Simulator is perfect for this space.

Golf Garage

Why not put the best golf simulator you can imagine in a garage so you can play all year round? It’s winter golf at its finest!


“We love our simulator! James and the team at InHome Golf are top notch and highly recommended!”


—Todd Rocha


I love my golf simulator!

“I worked with James at InHome Golf from the design of the room right through to the finished installation and I couldn’t be happier! He was a pleasure to work with. I love my golf simulator!” – Luke Singh – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Best Golf Simulator Installation Out There!

“I enjoyed working with James on the design of the golf room for The Maples. His work is top notch and the residents here love the simulator!” – Kevin White – The Maples Retirement Living, Antigonish Nova ScotiaReviews

 I would like to tell people how great it was working with you and your staff!


I really enjoyed dealing with you. The fact that you weren’t pushy and just excited about Uneekor system really made me excited about it as well.  I couldn’t be happier with my Uneekor and how it is performing. I may wear out my back from all the games I have been playing. The TGC software just added another layer of awesome to the whole experience and is well worth the extra money.


Thanks again and good luck in the future.


Ken Bond


Everyone is loving the sim set up. Thank you guys so much!


—Lisa Yoon, Golf Executif Montreal


Couldn’t be happier!

It’s been 3 months since the installation of our golf simulator and we couldn’t be happier. It is perhaps the best thing we have ever purchased

— Ryan & Carrie


Service Level Was Excellent

From the point I contacted “inhomeGolf” to the time of installation , the service level was excellent.  Your team was highly responsive and delivered and installed the product ahead of the promised date.   The actual experience of the Uneekor system is much better than anticipated.   The level of accuracy , the graphics and overall experience , far exceeds other commercial simulators we have used in the market.    I highly recommend the “inhomeGolf” team , to provide a quality installation and product to anyone desiring a golf simulator in their home.

— Nav Agagrwal


Why InHome Golf

InHome Golf Studios and Simulators will help you design and build your golf dream by creating a complete indoor golfing area in your home complete with the best golf simulator for your space. We make it perfect for summer practice or winter golf! Practice more and play better golf!


We are affiliated with some of the best technologies on the market BUT can build rooms that function with any other system.



We are a completely custom golf studio design shop. We will work with your space or design you an incredible indoor golf studio to fit your needs exactly.


Every project brings more knowledge! We are continually updating our skills to ensure our customers receive only the highest expertise

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