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About us

Our Golf Studio story

InHome Golf is a custom golf studio design and build company for the golf simulator industry. We build simulators bays for residential, commercial and professional applications. We use top quality components to ensure your dream becomes your golf reality.

InHome Golf does not manufacture ball tracking technology. Our custom golf studios and simulator bays work with any and all technologies on the market. Companies that build launch monitors, 3D capture suits or weight mats often have limited design capability for the surrounding features of the room. And they are expensive.

At InHome Golf we are designers and builders who work with your designers and builders to create the space that is perfect for you and your budget. Without the limitations that the other companies are restricted by.

We’ll work with you, within your budget to create your ultimate golf space.

How can we help you?

Let’s start with a discussion about what your vision is. We’ll review size requirements and determine what is possible within the existing space you have or the space you are allocating in your new build.

We’ll review budget and craft a plan that works for you. From the DIY project to custom design and everywhere in between. We’ll look at the golf tracking technology that is ideal for you and your needs.

During the design phase we will discuss every detail and all of options available such as carpeted walls vs curtains, lighting design, or projector types. We’ll build detailed drawings of the space for review with your General Contractor, electrician, AV Supplier, etc.

We’ll submit a fully fleshed out proposal that meets all of the parameters discussed and reviewed by you.

Once agreed to the process is roughly 4 to 6 weeks to a complete installation.

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