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Custom Golf Oasis In Your Own Home!

Golf Simulator Components

What’s In Your Golf Simulator?

From custom sized impact screens and wall treatments to powerful home theatre projectors and monitors, a golf simulator has various components that each have a wide range of options. It’s never a one-size-fits-all situation.

Lets break it down and see what you want and/or need in your space!

InHome Golf specializes custom indoor golf simulators and studios that designed to our customers imagination and specifications.  If you can dream it we can build it.  

Impact Screen and Trim

Your screen will be measured and cut to fit your space. There are no pre-set screen sizes to box you in.

Typical width to height aspect ratio is 16:10 but we can work with whatever space you have.

InHome Golf Impact screens have excellent reflective qualities so they can double as your home theatre screen for movies, video gaming, or browsing the internet!

Black trim surrounding the screen is custom cut to hide the supporting hardware. It also creates a clean frame around the screen.

Wall And Ceiling Treatment

Unlike older, camera based simulators the walls of your room can be anything you like. Typical applications are black drapes but that is hardly the extent of your options. Here is a great example of padded wall panels wrapped in carpet. The colour scheme had been chosen to loosely represent ground, sky and clouds but your options are limitless.

Dark colours will hide the walls and help focus your attention on the screen, but why not extend your colour motif from the rest of your home. Or, add a Montreal Expos logo…..If that’s your thing…. we won’t judge!

The only concern is that you can be sure these walls will eventually get struck by a ball so your design needs to be durable. An InHome Golf simulator will do all this for you.

Custom Turf Design

Turf design needs not be boring! Synthetic turf options are varied and many. Create your own contoured design with multiple cut levels to represent rough, fringe and green.

Add a separate putting green with flags and multiple grade changes. The floor is your canvas!

Golf Studio Tools

ADD additional camera’s for high end video analysis.

ADD weight transfer plates such as Swing Catalyst or Body Track.

ADD mirrors, impact bags or any other physical training tools.

ADD putting cups.

ADD golf bag racks.

ADD extra TV monitors for watching sports or other content.

Computer and Touch Screen

A powerful PC is critical for performance and a sleek touch screen makes operation smooth and simple.

Your launch monitor and course software will determine the minimum specs but you’ll need a custom gaming set up. NOTE: A typical office PC will not be sufficient.


A powerful projector is important but there are many options here. The questions below will help determine what you need:

Do you have ambient lighting from nearby windows? You may need higher lumens to cut through the additional light.

How much distance do you have from the screen to projector location? You may need a special short throw lens.

Will your screen double as a home theatre?

Home Theatre Components

Go ahead…add a Blu-Ray for a theatre sized experienced. Don’t stop there because your PC can run Netflix or other streaming services.

And why wouldn’t you add Playstation or X-Box? What’s better than Call of Duty on a 9′ screen?


If you’re having friends over then you’ll need places to sit.

Tall bar stools with a tavern style stand up bar are very common, as are banks of lazy boy chairs.

Bar Service

Chances are you’ll get thirsty when golfing so much. How about a small fridge for beverages?

Take a look at this simulator with a bar fridge and even a sink!

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