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Launch monitors are ideal for indoor golf spaces due to their ease of set up, portability, outdoor use and overall functionality. There are several companies that use various technologies but generally they are

 either camera based or radar based. There are pros and cons to each but all offer simple set up and require minimal hardware installation, where traditional simulator companies require hard mounted camera racks, floor sensors and need controlled lighting, today’s launch monitors are far more versatile making them the obvious choice of in-home golf applications.

Please note that InHome Golf is not affiliated with any of these companies – this means we can talk to you honestly about what works best for you, your budget and your expectations. This is not a complete list – there may be other options out there.

InHome Golf can also provide replacement parts (screens, turf, computers, projectors, wall coverings, etc) for updating or retrofitting an existing simulator from Full Swing,  AboutGolf,  High Definition Golf or others.

TrackMan Golf

TrackMan uses Doppler radar and is considered to be the foremost club and ball tracking technology in golf. You’ve probably heard of them on the TV broadcasts as most of the Pro golfers train with TrackMan. For simulator play TrackMan has their own golf course software and also integrates with E6 Golf software for 85+ golf courses to play. TrackMan is available for indoor and outdoor use – this means you can pick it up and take it outdoors for practice on the range

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ForeSight uses several high speed cameras that capture many data parameters at the moment of impact. ForeSight is known for its clubface accuracy and is trusted by clubfitters for the detail they provide. The unit sits on the ground facing the golfer and is ideal for indoor use and smaller rooms where radar based devices don’t work as well.

ForeSight has a large inventory of golf courses to play with their proprietary software. Two models include GC2 and the newer Quad.


BallFlight uses a combination of Camera, radar and IR technologies.  Portable, responsive, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it’s the perfect blend of training and entertainment. OptiShot offers dozens of courses with their proprietary software

Visit Optishot Website


FlightScope uses Doppler radar to track club and ball data. The system integrates with E6 Golf for a huge selection of golf courses to play. FlightScope is an indoor / outdoor product and operated from an iPad


SkyTrak is a fantastic alternative to the other more expensive options and works great in golf simulators.

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