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Custom Golf Oasis In Your Own Home!

Custom Home Golf Studio

Ultimate Home Golf Studio

The Client here wanted a top of the line golf simulator with all of the analysis tools you would find at high end golf club or professional teaching studio. What can see in these images is the following:

TrackMan 4 indoor/outdoor Dual Radar for tracking the club and ball. TrackMan has no equal in terms of shot quality and data accuracy. This is the device used by all of the top golf pros around the world, all of the equipment manufacturers and club fitters. This client wanted the best and he got it.

Custom screen size. Working within the assigned space of 12′ ceiling and 15′ room width, the visible screen size is 10′ high x 14′ wide.

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Home Studio


Custom Home Studio


James @ Inhome Golf

More Studio Design

Professional Turf. Championship putting surface is installed here with inset strike mat that allows you to tee up anywhere right into the mat as well as use irons directly off the surface.

Putting Cups. Look closely and see 3 putting cups at various locations throughout the room for practice.

Custom Wall Treatments. Here are padded carpet panels on the walls and across the ceiling. You’ll notice colours representing earth, sky and clouds.

TV Monitors. On the right wall is a large TV screen that can display additional ball/club data or your favourite sports network! Watch the US Open while golfing! or maybe its March Madness, the Stanley Cup or World Series!

Video Analysis: On a mount under the TV and on a tripod at the back of the room are Ximea High Speed camera’s for video analysis set up for Down-The-Line and Face-On views.

Custom Woodwork. Throughout the room there are custom wood pieces for Club Storage, a Bench for changing shoes and for the computer hardware. There is also a shelf near the ceiling with a few old drivers on display.

PC and Touch Screen. You simulator will need a powerful gaming computer to run the software at a good speed but it’s not necessary to access daily. Hide your PC within the cabinetry for a sleek look. The Touch Screen is a fantastic interface and allows you to store the mouse and keyboard for a clean operation surface.

Projector. Ideally your projector is mounted high and back for best performance and no interference. This room has bright windows on the left side requiring a very high lumen projector. Big windows are not ideal but we can work with most scenarios.

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