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Rymar Turf Showroom

Rymar Turf Showroom

The Client here is Rymar – an artificial turf company. For their eastern head office they built the ultimate golfers dream with a large custom putting green and an InHome Golf Simulator. The goal here is to showcase the potential for golf simulator installations. What can see in these images is the following:

Landscape Design. The rough grass and stone walkway give the appearance and feeling of being outside.

Putting Green. On the left side of the room is a large putting green with multiple flag locations and a custom undulating layout. Exactly what you would see at a private golf course and perfect for putting practice.

Custom screen size. Working within the assigned space of 10′ ceiling and 14′ room width, the visible screen size is 9.5′ high x 13′ wide.

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Project type

Commercial application


Rymar Turf


James @ Inhome Golf

Project Details

Professional Turf. Championship putting surface is installed with inset strike mat that allows you to tee up anywhere right into the mat as well as use irons directly off the surface. There is also a TWO rough cut turf lines in a custom design that replicates the look and feel of green, fringe and rough.

Custom Wall Treatments. On the left side of the screen is black drape curtain on a track that can be opened or closed as per your needs. On the right side is checker board pattern of green and black turf! The options here are endless with colours and design as varied as your imagination! Turf or carpet are excellent materials for durability, sound attenuation and unlimited design options!

Man-Cave Cabinets. The computer cabinet here is a reinforced steel tool box that you would find in any great man-cave!

PC and Touch Screen. You simulator will need a powerful gaming computer to run the software at a good speed but it’s not necessary to access daily. Hide your PC within the cabinetry for a sleek look. The Touch Screen is a fantastic interface and allows you to store the mouse and keyboard for a clean operation surface.

Projector. Ideally your projector is mounted high and back for best performance and no interference. This room has no windows or infiltrating light so the projected image is strong and bright with no interference

Bar Top with Seating. At the back of every great simulator is room for three friends rounding out your foursome. Here you can see a bar style table top made of wood and steel with three high chairs. This design gives your guest a comfortable and safe place to watch while you slice into the next fairway.

Trees. Simple and easy to miss, artificial trees help create a relaxing and natural outdoor feel.

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