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Couldn’t be happier!


It’s been 3 months since the installation of our golf simulator and we couldn’t be happier. It is perhaps the best thing we have ever purchased. Some of the things we have found:

The benefits of accurate data, real time feedback, & consistent practice are nothing short of remarkable. The simulator has taken all of the guess work out of my game and has allowed me to focus on eliminating specific deficiencies in my swing and in my broader game. I now practice with purpose & the results speak for themselves – I’ll never waste time on the range again

We have a fantastic coach visit our home every Sunday (Jon Bloome) which when combined with the simulator, provide a phenomenal environment for learning & progress. Instead of spending time travelling to a course, hitting balls without purpose, and hoping for the best – now we get condensed, consistent, and repeatable instruction every Sunday. It’s effective, efficient, and affordable. We now have extended family that join us for a rotation of private lessons every Sunday morning, which has been a great way to make the experience social as well.

My handicap has improved more in the last 100 days than in the last 5 years (as has my wife’s). I’ve added extra distance to my driver, accuracy to my woods, consistency to my irons, and feel to my wedges. There are lots of elements that go into a good golf game and the simulator is a certainly a key component.

Being a working professional and a parent, means there is not a lot of time to enjoy the game I love. I’ve played more rounds of golf this year then I have in the last 5 years combined. I play a round nearly every day & often twice depending on my schedule. I’ve played a number of courses I would never be able to play in real life and thoroughly enjoy the variety of play the software options provide.

We are not what you would refer to as “a golfing family” as we did not grow up seriously playing the game. We were both athletic individuals who now spend the bulk of our time working, parenting, and walking our dogs. We got the simulator as a way to do something together & try to become more active. It’s certainly meeting our goals. Its also provided some great additional work life balance, as I can fit a solo golf game in less than an hour.

I’m really pleased that we dedicated our entire garage to the golf simulator. A huge benefit is being able to play at any time without having to move vehicles, go through a lengthy set up, &/or schedule around other competing activities. If I have 45min, I can jump on and play. Having a dedicated space, is the way to go – we get far more use out of it.

Thanks again for all your help & support – we couldn’t be happier.



Ryan & Carrie

Highly recommend James

I had the pleasure of working with James to both design and install a simulator in my home based Mancave.

 I met James at the Toronto Golf Show down by the airport and was immediately impressed by both his knowledge and ability to work with the space I had. I had spoken to many people in the industry and was told many times, my space would not work.  I also appreciated his ability to work with many different tracking systems since not all would work with any given space. He visited my garage and sent me a several quotes with a couple of different tracking systems at different price points. I decided to go with the Trackman 4 as it had the best visuals and workability with my confined space. (Garage) He was very flexible as I did many of the upgrades to the space including electrical and insulating based on his diagrams. When I was ready, He installed the screen, projector, computer, and padding within weeks and had it up and running.

 With the current  Covid 19 restrictions, I am sure glad he got it done right before Christmas and enjoy it everyday!!! I would thoroughly recommend James and his team to help you with any simulator project you have in mind.

You are welcome to call me to discuss my experience with James and InHome Golf.

Dave Ingram

The best golf simulator installation out there!


I enjoyed working with James on the design of the golf room for The Maples. His work is top notch and the residents here love the simulator!

Kevin White - The Maples Retirement Living, Antigonish Nova Scotia

We love our simulator!


James and the team at InHome Golf are top notch and highly recommended!

Todd Rocha

I love my golf simulator!

I worked with James at InHome Golf from the design of the room right through to the finished installation and I couldn’t be happier! He was a pleasure to work with. I love my golf simulator!

Luke Singh - Winnipeg, Manitoba

I would like to tell people how great it was working with you and your staff


I really enjoyed dealing with you. The fact that you weren’t pushy and just excited about Uneekor system really made me excited about it as well.  I couldn’t be happier with my Uneekor and how it is performing. I may wear out my back from all the games I have been playing. The TGC software just added another layer of awesome to the whole experience and is well worth the extra money.

Thanks again and good luck in the future

Ken Bond

Everyone is loving the sim set up.


Thank you guys so much!

Lisa Yoon, Golf Executif Montreal

Service level was excellent


From the point I contacted “inhomeGolf” to the time of installation , the service level was excellent. Your team was highly responsive and delivered and installed the product ahead of the promised date. The actual experience of the Uneekor system is much better than anticipated. The level of accuracy , the graphics and overall experience , far exceeds other commercial simulators we have used in the market. I highly recommend the “inhomeGolf” team , to provide a quality installation and product to anyone desiring a golf simulator in their home.

Nav Aggarwal

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